Play Flash videos content on ipad & iPhone


Apple has made is clear, Flash support on Apple products in not in their scheme of things. With lot of video web content using Adobe Flash technology, you may be missing flash on your iPad and iPhone devices. Now you can watch and playback Flash videos with ease using free Cloud Browse app.

Use Cloud Browse app for viewing Flash content

It allows you to watch Flash videos and use Java applications in mobile Safari. This app is cloud based browser that remotely starts a session with a server having Firefox installed.

Once VPN (virtual private network) connection is established, you can view Flash video content from virutally any website or online source. Grab Cloud Browse app from iTunes (it is free as of now) and never let your iPad miss Flash video content that you always wanted to view. [via Compixels]



  1. Hi, thanks for your info! I’ve dwnlded it and works great! Now I can watch my sports and other movies that required adobe flash. Thanks again Cloud Browse!

  2. I can’t find cloud browse either, anyone know it it’s available in australia

  3. Mabe for some reason apple just don’t want us to use such content on the internet i don’t know why they they wouldn’t considering the amount of monney we have spent on an ipad/iphone. Although there are a very small amount of websites that support the apple video format. Youtube for instance has its very own app for you tube When it acctually works properly. Although i do love my ipad i do think with the use of an actuall apple desighned video format if they don’t want the use of flash. Apparently apple say that flash would overheat small devices such as ipad/iphone..

  4. Cant get cloud browse, is it unavailable in the uk?

  5. it looks a cool app, let me try on my ipaddy. :)

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