How to duplicate & copy Google Docs file?

Say you received a Google Docs file and you want to edit that file but don't have permission to do so. Here is quick and easy way to make copy of that file and make any changes you want to that Google Docs file. Just change the original Google Docs URL

Find, open & upload Google Docs from the desktop

We have already seen cool way to access Gmail messages from the desktop via new Google Desktop gadget. Here comes another Google Desktop gadget for your Google Docs. It allows quick access to your Google Docs and help you search, open and upload them on the fly. While at work, you can

Create Document from any Email received on Gmail

Gmail just bumped up another cool feature for your important emails. 'Create a document' feature allows you to convert and save any email in Google Docs format in just a single click. After you enable this feature, you will get an option 'Create a document' while browsing email messages.

View PDF Files received on Gmail within Web Browser

Till now if you receive any PDF file as attachment on Gmail, you had to click on 'view' link that will bring up PDF file contents in HTML format minus formatting and images. Well, from here on clicking 'view' link will open PDF file in all its glory within web browser. In short, you can

View & Edit files on Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3

We have already seen Xoopit to access contents of Gmail attachments at one place in user friendly thumbnail & explorer like format. Gladinet does same but with lot of supported services. It allows you to view and edit files stored on your Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3 and lots

Access Google Docs within Gmail, no more hopping !

Gmail keeps getting better, recently it went colorful with introduction of official Gmail themes. After the look and glitz, Gmail gets better in terms of functionality. Now, you can access Google Docs within Gmail. Yeah, no more hopping between Gmail and Google Docs interface. You can

Google Docs templates for Christmas & Holidays

With upcoming Holiday season, Google Docs is all set to make 'Techno Life' easy with collection of templates for holidays. It has loads of free Google Docs templates to cater to holiday season needs. There are different templates with cool design and

Spice up Google Docs with Cool Templates

A Blank document looks dull and blank (of course)! Now you can spice up your Google Docs with cool templates to make them stand out. Google Docs templates directory now has over 300 templates to chose from. Templates are nicely arranged in different categories like: Albums &