View & Edit files on Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3


We have already seen Xoopit to access contents of Gmail attachments at one place in user friendly thumbnail & explorer like format. Gladinet does same but with lot of supported services. It allows you to view and edit files stored on your Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3 and lots more.

You can view file in your Google Docs account like we access files on local computer. File will open in word processor software on the computer. After editing, Gladinet will upload the edited version to your Google Docs account.

You can view images stored in Picasa account in thumbnail, explorer like format. Just like Google Docs, you can edit and upload files in your Picasa account. It also has interesting feature to share folders among computes. Here is preview video:

Checkout Gladient for easy access to files stored at various online services on your desktop. As pointed by GOS blog, use discretion as this application requires Google account and other web services login details.


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