Live Search Maps India, Explore India the easy way


Microsoft has launched the new Live Search Maps India website. Now you can explore India the easy way on your computer. First look of the website is impressive, it has clean interface and map loads very quickly.

You can explore street Maps for 9 important Indian cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur and National Road Network of India with roughly 20,000 cities and towns.

Location search box at top left is also very handy. Just type in the location and hit the enter key to instantaneously see that place highlighted on the map. Search box pops up suggestions for typed location incase of typos or wrong name of location.

Business Listing (Yellow Pages) Search allows you to find businesses listed. Click Business tab and specify what (e.g. “Petrol Pump” in first box) and where (e.g. “Indira Nagar” in second box) to get the business listings sorted according to distance from the location of search (i.e. Indira Nagar, Bangalore).

You can also explore exact driving route between any two locations. Click on ‘directions’ button on top right part and then type ‘start’ and ‘end’ location name. Select either of two route options among ‘shortest time’ and ‘shortest distance’. Hit ‘get direction’ button and see route highlighted on the map.

Checkout Live Search Maps India and star exploring India and its places. In between, top part of geographical map indicating Jammu and Kashmir is as per Indian norms – thats good!


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