Portable Windows Vista Tweak utility with 130 tweaks

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a portable Windows Tweak utility ideal to tweak and optimize Windows Vista system. It is a small utility of size 370kb loaded with over 130 tweaks. It gives access to loads of hidden Windows Vista features that can be tweaked with simple mouse clicks. This

Portable Notepad ++ For text editing on the GO

If you are involved in typing lot of text, then portable Notepad ++ should save lot of time and hassles of management. It is a portable app which allows development on the GO. There is nothing to install and it support all cool features of notepad++ text editor packaged as portable. It

Compress & Shrink Portable Apps with AppCompactor

For starters, portable apps are applications / utilities that are truly portable, which you can carry and use from a USB flash drive, iPod, memory card, portable hard drive or other portable devices. AppCompactor is a cool app that allows you to compress and shrink portable apps you

Organize your day with Portable Information Manager

Want to organize your busy day without much fuss and frills? EssentialPIM is a cool portable (& desktop) appointment and information manager. It is like Outlook without the email function. It is a visual way to organize your daily tasks and routine on your computer. You can play

Birthday Reminder, Never forget upcoming birthdays

In present day busy life we tend to forget important days like birthday, anniversary and important events. Well, geeks can breath easy with free birthday

Download Portable Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome has created storm all over web. Many are discussing one or other good and not so good features of this web browser from Google. We have already seen features of Chrome and official Chromium blog revealing future development of Chrome. Here is portable (unofficial) version

Carry Start Menu on USB drive for quick access

Portable Start Menu allows easy access to your favorite programs. You can even carry your 'start menu' on a USB drive for a quick access on other computer. Using this, you can organize programs in a simple menu system and launch them via a tray icon. It also checks if an application