Disable & enable Task Manager [portable tool]

Is task manager disabled on your Windows PC? This may happen due to number of reasons like no admin privileges, system file changes, effect of virus and so on. You can easily enable or disable Windows task manager without need of administrator privileges using "Task Manager Enabler". It is

Calculate distance between two points on desktop screen

Do you want to accurately measure distance between any two points on the screen? You can easily do this using free portable utility "Small Measure". It provides a dead simple way to calculate distance between two selected points on the desktop screen by using mouse pointer. Just move the

Run & use programs with different date & time

Do you want to use applications with specific date - time settings without changing normal system date -time? This is possible using portable tool "Run As Date". It allows you to specify any date and time for any program on your computer and use it accordingly. Utility does not change the

Typewriter sound at key press on PC keyboard

Do you love the "tick tick" sound while using a typewriter? Get the old style typewriter sound while using new style computer keyboard using 'Qwertick'. It is a free portable utility that adds typewriter tick sound to your PC keyboard. So at every key press on the keyboard you will listen

Open & preview Photoshop PSD files without Photoshop

Being a premium software, buying and installing Adobe Photoshop just to preview PSD Photoshop is not a wise decision. So, Is there way to open open and view PSD files without installing Adobe Photoshop software? You can use free third party utilities to easily preview Photoshop files.

Blank computer display screen with screensaver

Do you want to blank out computer display screen without pressing turn off button on the monitor? You can easily do this through "Blank screensaver" program. It is a portable and very basic portable screensaver program. Just double click the blank screensaver file to blank out the monitor

Automatically create multiple folders from text file

Do you want to quickly create multiple folders with specific names? Besides using quick shortcut key to create folders on Windows, you can automate this routine using free portable utility "Text 2 Folders". It allows you to batch create folders with names mentioned in specific text file at

Recover router Password from router configuration file

Have you lost your router login password key? Majority of routers create backup in the form of router configuration file. It contains important data like ISP user name/password, login password of the router and wireless network keys. You can easily recover lost router password from this

Convert comics [CBR, CBZ] into ebook EPUB format

Majority of ebook reader like Apple iPad support EPUB format for ebooks. Do you want to read your favorite comic on an ebook reader? You can easily do that by converting comics in CBR or CBZ format into EPUB ebook format. You can download free Comic to eBook converter tool for such

View CPU core count & L1, L2, L3 cache information

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a the heart of computer. Do you want to view technical specifications of CPU of your computer? Such detailed CPU information is very important for developers in understanding and developing applications as per CPU specifications. CPU Identify is a portable

Make Google Chrome themes with CRX theme creator

Google Chrome browser can be given a new look by using a different theme. Do you want to customize Chrome with colors and images of your choice? You can easily do this by creating custom Chrome theme on you computer in few mouse clicks. CRX theme creatore is a free program that allows you