Crazy Internet power consumption [infographic]


Internet is expanding rapdily and so are resources required to run the internet. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM are building large server farms to run their application and services on the internet. Besides the huge hardware requirement such facilitates require lot of electrical power. Hence, electricity demand for running internet is increasing day by day and internet for sure getting crazy for power.

Power Crazy Internet – infographics

“Power Crazy Internet” attempts to represent Internet’s demand for power to run telecom and connected internet¬†cloud services. We tweet, post regular Facebook updates, upload videos on Youtube, check email, transfer files and more on the internet. This results in huge amount of information to the tune of 1.2 Zetabytes (which is about data held on 250billion DVDs).

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Important Facts: Rising power demand of the internet

1. Internet ranks 5th as country in terms of Power demand.

2. Its future demand is expected to be more than combined power requirement of Germany, Canada, Brazil and France.

3. Majority of power that runs internet come from Coal or Nuclear reactors.

4. Apple is least green as it is most dependant on Coal power closely followed by Facebook, IBM, HP and Twitter.

5. While Yahoo ranks as number one among Green Internet companies, Google and Amazon take second and third place respectively.

6. Saving power is need of hour rather than indcriminatly investing in coal and nuclear plants. This can be achived through smart practices like by going digital, working remotely, being smart while using electronic devices.

Remember to be nice while using Internet as it takes lot of electricity to power the internet. Spread the good word by sharing above infographic. It based on Greenpace internet data centres report.


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