Restore original fixed top blue bar on Facebook


Facebook has introduced changes in design interface of the website. Besides the ever so annoying new updates ticker box on right side of Facebook website, now the top bar is fixed and sticks to screen even when you scroll down. Top navigation bar sticking to top is distracting when you are scrolling down to check out news feed updates.

Get ‘not fixed’ blue navigation Facebook bar

Thankfully, we can easily restore and revert to old style top blue Facebook navigation bar that does not stick to top part of Facebook website. This can be implemented in few click in Google Chrome browser using Unannoying Facebook Chrome extension.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and install Unannoying Facebook extension [Not available now –] Once the extension is installed, open and login into your Facebook account.

2. Old style look will be restarted as newly introduced Facebook changes are disabled by this Chrome extension. This extension will change three radical new features introduced by Facebook.

– Top blue bar is not fixed now. Hence it will not stick to top of web browser even when you scroll down. One distraction removed!

– The new updates ticker box from right side of Facebook website is now hidden. Another useless distraction removed!

– Also, the new updates ticker box appearing in the chat box is removed. So no more distraction while chatting with Facebook friends.

Video: Get old fixed Facebook navigation topbar



  1. give me a my old version facebook page

  2. i don’t like the new timeline on facebook active i rather prefer the old profile, pls help me out.

  3. how do i get back to my original facebook page this new one is perthetic its time you sorted it out there are million s of people on facebook and going by the remarks no one likes it xfacebook get your act together

  4. man i dont want this face book time line …. u think i can change it back to the old face book profile

  5. i dnt like time line so plz help me how to back old layout

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