Change Youtube video captions language, color, font

Subtitles and captions on Youtube videos is an effective feature on Youtube video watching. While there is option to turn off video captions, if you prefer to keep them ON - then you can customize the captions display. You can change the language of captions display and also customize

Turn Off video subtitle captions on Youtube videos

Youtube(.com) is amazing source to watch videos of virtually any type and category. Besides actual videos, you can also view caption text (video subtitles) while watching newer Youtube videos. While few users like this feature, other may find it irritating in normal flow of Youtube videos

Add captions to images on Blogger blog

Blogger platform has added a new feature to easily add caption to images without having to mess around with manual code in 'Edit HTML' mode. As of now, feature of adding caption to uploaded photos is only available in 'Blogger in Draft' editor. Besides showing captions, you can format

Fake magazine cover generator & image fun

Your image on cover of popular magazines like Time, wired etc - this is very old trick that never looks stale. We have already seen fake mag cover fun and fun with frames at JPGFun, here is more at WriteOnit. This web service provide cool set of online tools to play with your images. To