Turn Off video subtitle captions on Youtube videos


Youtube(.com) is amazing source to watch videos of virtually any type and category. Besides actual videos, you can also view caption text (video subtitles) while watching newer Youtube videos. While few users like this feature, other may find it irritating in normal flow of Youtube videos watching. You can easily disable them and enjoy videos.

Disable video captions on Youtube

Shortcut – Just press C key to turn ON / OFF captions.

Button – Alternatively, you can click CC button on Youtube video player. This button will only be click-able if there are captions/subtitles for the video being watched.



  1. download youtube cc says

    Maybe direct download cc is top.Choose approxietly language and format.

  2. When we click on the playing youtube video it stops.Any idea on how to disable it?

  3. Actually, that [CC] button was not there, but further to the right was a “Drop UP” menu that contained the [CC] button. Thanks !

  4. Thanks for this tip…! Finally I´ll get rid of those annoying captions… ;)

  5. Thanks for that.. it was driving me crazy how to turn it off.

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