How to loop Youtube videos playback


Do you love watching Youtube videos continuously in a loop? Be default, you need to click play button to replay a Youtube video. Using following resources you can continuously loop any Youtube videos without too much hassle. Enjoy Youtube videos in looping format.

1. Use Youtube Repeater

Youtube Repeater is a free web service that allows you to loop any Youtube video playback. Just add repeaterto the original Youtube video URL to play it in loop.

Original URL –
Video loop URL –

2. Loop Youtube videos website

Just paste Youtube video URL or video ID and click ‘Start Looping’ button to playback Youtube videos in the loop on Loop Youtube videos website.

3. Use Youtube Loop website

Youtube Loop website allows you to play looping video. Just paste the Youtube video URL and click ‘play the video’ button to play video in loop.

4. Use Endless Youtube

It is another similar web tool to play any Youtube video in loop. Add endless word in front of youtube video URL to play video in loop. For example:

Original URL –
Video loop URL –

Endless Youtube also has greasemonkey script and quick bookmarklet to loop Youtube videos.

5. Loppy Greasemonkey script

Loopy for YouTube Greasemonkey script displays a link below YouTube videos to enable or disable auto replay. It also support Youtube playlist support.



  1. You can loop a single YouTube video using EZ Looper
    By far the easiest looper around…

    Also, a Firefox addon available at:
    And a Chrome extension available at:

  2. Also want to share. I found this Youtube replay Great interface, useful search feature just like Youtube.
    Both YoutubeRepeater and TubeEncore are a great places to enjoy Youtube videos.

  3. Check out:

    Easiest way to loop youtube videos, they also allow you to loop only a select part of the video.

  4. I find this youtube script better than the Loopy for Youtube. It allows you to not only loop youtube videos, but just a part of it as well ! Use it many times to remove beginning and end video disturbances and concentrate on main song or part I want to repeat. I found it here

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