Protect WordPress blog from exploit injection, Antivirus plugin

Antivirus Wordpress plugin provided added layer of protection to your self-hosted Wordpress powered blog. It can scan and monitor your templates on daily basis for malicious injections in themes. To get started, download and install Antivirus plugin like we install any other Wordpress

Disable document preview for your site results on Bing

Document preview is one cool feature of Bing decision search. On mouse hover over any search result, it pops up window (on the right) showing summary and important links on that specific link on search result page. This features allow users to sample the content of a webpage before

Create Venn diagrams, interactive charts & maps

Do you want to make cool looking charts and diagrams online without having to install any software? Chartle online web tool makes this possible with click of few buttons. Get going by clicking on create button (no registration or sign up required) to see online flash based editor for chart

Post SmugMug photos using Windows Live Writer

For starters, SmugMug is a popular image hosting website. You can upload your personal photos and create beautiful galleries. If you use Windows Live Writer desktop client to update your blog and want to post photos of your SmugMug account, then checkout SmugMug To LiveWriter

How to check if website or blog has favicon ?

Favicon is a small icon displayed next to website URL on the address bar. A unique favicon can catch instant user attention and long-term familiarity with a specific website or blog. If you are not sure regarding,  if website or blog has a favicon - here is a quick check web service,

Get TypePad features in WordPress blogs via plugins

TypePad blogging platform has been around for a while now. Its rival blogging platform 'Wordpress' has seen tremendous growth courtesy huge community, product improvements and large user base. Well, TypePad is now reaching to Wordpress users by offering official plugins. Using these

Convert PX to EM format body font size online

PX and EM are two different ways or format measure to configure body font size in any web project. We often set font in the px (pixel) format like 12px. However, these days many web designer use em format over px (not sure why). Incase your are confused in relative conversion of PX to EM

Browse any website / blog content in Timeline format

Google Labs launched a neat way to read news online at Google News Timeline. Besides top websites, you can also browse content from top blogs. Just enter the name of any top blog / website and hit the enter key to see its content in timeline format. Sadly, this feature does not work with

5 tips for sending reconsideration request to Google

Google Webmaster Tools is very important to stay updated on your website or blog status on Google. You can track number of indexed weblinks, cache, sitelinks, sitemap details and lot more information regarding your website with Google. Incase, something goes bad like traffic drops, Google

Display Twitter users mosaic grid on blog sidebar

Get Twitter buzz on your blog or website by embedding neat Twitter users mosaic grid. Twitr Grid makes this possible in few simple clicks. Just enter your Twitter username, select to display either followers or following, then select the size of Twitter avatar images among small (100px),

Download Windows Live Writer backup, restore utility

Many Bloggers use Windows Live Writer to write and manage their blogposts. Windows Live Writer backup utility (WLWBackup) allows you to backup and restore posts, settings and plugins of Windows Live Writer application on the computer. Developer has re-written this utility with little

WordPress Tattoo – Love WP but not that much!

Wordpress is an awesome piece of software to power any type of blog and even websites. Wordpress has huge community with dedicated fans ready to contribute in different ways. Here is first everpermanent Wordpress Tattoo. Yeah, it looks good but a tattoo? Well, I love wordpress but not