5 tips for sending reconsideration request to Google


Google Webmaster Tools is very important to stay updated on your website or blog status on Google. You can track number of indexed weblinks, cache, sitelinks, sitemap details and lot more information regarding your website with Google. Incase, something goes bad like traffic drops, Google Pagerank drops or your website vanishes from Google search – you can always file a reconsideration request with Google through Google Webmaster Tools and fix broken things. Here are few simple tips while filing a reconsideration request.

1. Be honest and describe in detail ‘what could have went wrong?’ from your prespective (of course). Real people read your reconsideration request, even though reply to your request could be an automated message.

2. Prepare yourself by reading Google Webmaster Guidelines in details. Alternatively, you can ask other people like fellow bloggers, Google webmaster forum etc to get clarity on specific topics.

3. Have patience and wait for sometime like 2-7 days for things to get normal. Don’t file a reconsideration request in a hurry because Google algorithm change can result in website traffic going up and down for brief period – so have patience.

4. Bad links should be mentioned in detail along with your efforts in trying to clean them up. For starters, if you are linking to any website that has paid you – then use ‘nofollow’ tag to stay clean in google books. You can also use nofollow tags for outgoing links that you do not trust.

5. No spamming of reconsideration request. Spend some time writing a comprehensive reconsideration request. ONE detailed request is enough to get knocking on Google’s door. However, if you discover some new information you can file new reconsideration request with follow up information. Here is a video explaining it all [via].


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