How to report Spam websites to Google

Search engines like Google, Bing continuously improve their ranking procedures to provide best and most relevant results to users. It can be very frustrating when you click through a weblink in search results promising desired content but it offers nothing in real. Such websites are often

Modify sitemap to let Google index website images

Sitemap provide an easy way to update search engines with latest content on your website or blog. Now you can use same sitemap to inform Google about images displayed in different articles on your website. For this, you need to modify your existing sitemap file to facilitate easy and

Verify website in Google Webmaster with DNS record

If you have a website or blog, it is always advisable to get it listed in Google Webmasters Tools to track its status in Google Search index. Google Webmasters Tools provide very useful information about your website or blog in relation to its position in Google Search. You can evaluate

Website Hacking & spam alerts in Google Webmaster

"... is my website or blog hacked?" This is first question that comes to mind when website appear radically different to what it should or it together does not show anything. Website hacking, content spam and abuse is getting more rampant in online world. While there is Google Safe

Check website speed & performance in Google Webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool provide an easy way to track status of your website or blog in Google search engine results. It has now added new experimental and very useful feature to check on the speed of your website or blog. To us this feature, your website or blog must be added to Google

Generate XML sitemap of Tumblr blog & submit to Google

Tumblr(.com) is a cool blogging service. It allows quick blog posting with easy to use tools and interface. If you are not too impressed with indexing of your Tumblr blog, then tryout tumblrMap. This web service automatically generates XML sitemap of your tumblr blog and allows direct

Google safe browsing page to check website infection

Is your website or blog infected with malware or trojans? You can easily check for the same by accessing Google safe browsing diagnostic page for your website URL. Google display report of possible malware infection on special webpage for every domain URL in its index. It shows the current

Inform Google of domain name change of website

Google Webmaster Tools is one place from where website or blog owners can see and manage their website status as in Google index. It has undergone interface makeover for more cleaner and feature laden look. It has also launched a new feature 'Change of Address' that should come handy if

5 tips for sending reconsideration request to Google

Google Webmaster Tools is very important to stay updated on your website or blog status on Google. You can track number of indexed weblinks, cache, sitelinks, sitemap details and lot more information regarding your website with Google. Incase, something goes bad like traffic drops, Google

Change font of Google Ads – Adsense Optimization

Google Adsense Ads (text) just got better which new feature of customizing font in ads. Now you can change the font face of the text in ad units on pages in Latin-character languages. You can choose between Arial, Times, and Verdana font faces. Please note that while font options will

Google Sitemap Generator Official Free Tool

For starters, sitemap helps a search engine to index website content faster with more ease. Though this is not mandatory but it is always advisable for a website or blog to generator an updated sitemap for the current content. We have seen over 15+ tools to generate sitemap of a blog or

How to make Google friendly Websites? A Video Guide

A website or weblog well indexed by Google can enjoy loads of traffic. So, it is very important to make your website or weblog Google friendly by taking care of few important aspects. Google Webmaster Team has prepared a video presentation explaining basic aspects of making Google friendly