Backup Tumblr blog [Mac only app]

Tumblr(.com) is a popular free microblogging service. It stands out from other such services for being different in looks with robust features like posting to Tumblr blog via email. There are number of 3rd party tools to do more with your Tumblr blog like tool to generate sitemap of Tumblr

Check website speed & performance in Google Webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool provide an easy way to track status of your website or blog in Google search engine results. It has now added new experimental and very useful feature to check on the speed of your website or blog. To us this feature, your website or blog must be added to Google

Create Pure CSS drop down menus [horizontal & vertical]

Navigationl menu is an integral part of any website or blog layout. Drop down menus are neat looking and allows you to show more links in less space. "Pure CSS Menu Maker" is free software to create cool looking customized drop down menus. You can create horizontal or vertical menus with

Basics of SEO friendly URL [visual cheat sheet]

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical aspect of any website or blog. It is required to get maximum visitors from search engines for existing content. Virtually, SEO starts from URL of each page of the content. Besides being unique, URL should contain relevant keywords related to

Convert RGB to BGR color code

In the backend different colors are represented using unique color codes like #FFFFFF for white, #000000 for black and so on. Generally, color codes are used in RGB (Red Green Blue) format. However, at times we need to express same color code in BGR format. RGB 2 BGR converter makes this

Check PageRank, Outlinks & Inlinks of blog / website

Are you looking for easy to use way to check PageRank & related details of your blog or website? Portable tool WebSeoAnalyzer makes this all easy and quick. It neatly show only the relevant information of Pagerank of specific website or blog URLs. You can analyse further to see

Compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code with Digua

Digua is a free utility to compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code. It helps produce compressed code with less size thereby resulting into optimized and faster website. It can automatically compress HTML, Javascript & CSS files contained in a specific folder. It compresses code by

Check valid hyperlinks, anchor tags of website

A single webpage of a blog or website can contain lot of links. Checking each and every link manually is a big task. Small utility "SiteVerify" makes this process all automated, easy and quick. For any specified URL, it checks all the hyperlinks / achor tags on a webpage. It only check

Make cool logo online with custom shapes & text

A unique logo is a must for every blog and website. However, making cool logos is not field of expertise for many users (like coders!). We have already seen cool online tool Supalogo for creating ever cooler logos. Easy Logo maker is another online tool for creating custom and cool looking

Publish and post on Blogger blog from iPhone

Blogger is a popular blogging platform on the internet with loads of users updating their respective blogs with new content. Now you can publish and post on Blogger blog from iPhone with greater ease using BlogPress Lite app. It is a free app for iPhone users to update their Blogger blogs

Show latest blog post title as 468px banner image

There are number of free web tools to show latest article titles of blog or websites in the form of widgets. Feederr does something similar by allowing you to show latest blog post title of any blog or website in the form of 468px wide banner. Unlike other web tools, it only show one

Show Ads only to [Google] search visitors on WordPress blog

Some advertisements like Google Adsense ads perform best with search engine traffic and does not perform well on indirect traffic. "Search Ad" Wordpress plugin allows you to show ads only on blog pages visited from search engine. With ads only showing to organic search engine traffic: CTR