Merge MSN chat history logs by date & time

Like every IM application, MSN also save chatting history in the form of chat logs. MSN Merge is small tool to merge such chat history log files. It processes different XML files of chat logs and produces single merged chat history log file containing all the combine data. Features of MSN

Convert doc, docx Word document into HTML

For starters, creating HTML webpage can be a huge manual task. ValmaWord program makes this all easy by converting Microsoft Word (doc, docx, txt) document into HTML format. This free tools allows you to view any text or Word document in HTML format with number of features for output

Combine & Join multiple text files

Do you want to combine contents of multiple text files into one single text file? Free utility "Text File Joiner" makes this an easy single click process. It can join multiple text files into one text file. You can also configure content of which text file should appear first, second,

Convert CSV to Google Maps KML file

For starters: KML (Keyhole Markup Language), is an XML file format for modeling and storing geographic features such as points, lines, images, polygons and models for display in Google Earth, Google Maps. KML Converter is a free utility to convert any CSV file into simple Google Maps KML

Extract text from corrupt docx MS Word 2007 file

Do you have trouble viewing contents of a corrupt / damaged MS Word 2007 docx file? "Damaged docx2txt" is a free utility that can extract text from a bad (corrupt / damanged) docx Word file. After text extraction, you can edit the text and save it in desired file format. Extract Text

Split large text files with portable text splitter

Do you have large text file which is getting difficult to manage? One easy way to deal with large text files is by splitting them into smaller manage-able text files. Simple Text Splitter is a free portable tool to split any large text based file like txt, log, srt into smaller chunks or

Convert Excel to Text without Microsoft Excel

Do you want to read contents of an Excel file without Microsoft Excel program on the computer? One quick way to do this is by converting Excel file into a text file. Oncilla Excel2Text is a free converter utility for such conversion which does not required Microsoft Excel program to be

Insert special typographical characters in documents

Ideally, we cannot insert special typographical characters like quotation marks, en dashes, copyright, euro currency symbols from normal keyboard. "Type it Easy" application makes this all easy to insert special characters in document files. After install, use shortcut keyboard keys to

Notepad with Tabs to open multiple text files

Are you looking for a better alternative to good old Notepad? Well, free application NotepadTabs for sure can be next jump forward with all existing Notepad features and loads of new features as well. As suggested by name, NotepadTabs is a notepad application with tabs - just like in

Extract High density Keywords & Phrases from webpage, document

Keywords, phrases, density of words are few very important terms for SEO (search engine optimization) experts. Specific keywords or phrases on a webpage can bump webpage ranking UP or DOWN within a search engine. Primitive Word Counter is a portable tool for dead simple way to grab

View old Yahoo & MSN messenger chats with log viewer

Sometime we need to refer to old chat logs to get important information already dicussed on a previous messenger chat. Messenger application(s) has feature to see old chat logs but the interface is not comfortable for exploring and reading through loads of chat archive. Free application

Remove text formatting & paste unformatted text with keyboard shortcut

Copying text from websites or highly formatted documents using usual copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) routine, brings along all the unwanted text formatting. This may include text with different font size, colors, images, tables, borders etc. Plain Text is a portable utility that