Combine & Join multiple text files


Do you want to combine contents of multiple text files into one single text file? Free utility “Text File Joiner” makes this an easy single click process. It can join multiple text files into one text file. You can also configure content of which text file should appear first, second, third and so on.


Combine text files with Joiner

1. Download Text File Joiner & install the utility.
2. Launch the utility program to join text files.
3. Click Select Files button to browse & select multiple text files.
4. Arrange the order of text files using up/down buttons at bottom.
5. Click Save Combined button to get single final text file.

Text File Joiner for sure one easy and quick way to combine text files. You can also split large text files with ease using portable text file splitter program.



  1. Nice tool, but I am using another one for this task: It’s also free and it is called Text Converter. With this tool, it is easier to select the files and to sort them in your desired order. In addition, it is possible to write something before or behind each text file, for example any arbitrary text. You can also write the file name, file path, a number or something like that. And furthemore, there are some other possibilities like splitting text files, replacing strings, deleting, sorting and so on. You can download this tool here:

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