iGoogle Comic themes: superman, batman, hulk!

Are you big time fan of comic characters and start your daily with iGoogle page? iGoogle Comic Themes are just for you to bring superhero comic character splash to your iGoogle homepage. Google has launched special Comic Themes for iGoogle featuring superman, batman, hulk and many more

Green Firefox theme with color scheme of DevianArt

DevianArt.com is a popular community of graphic artists and developers. If you are fan of DevianArt website looks, then give similar look to your Firefox browser. Devious Green theme gives Firefox browser makeover with looks and style as seen on DevianArt website. It has lot of

Create themes for Sony Ericsson mobile phone

If you own a Sony Ericsson phone, then you can get dirty and splash your creativity in designing own customized theme. Sony Ericsson themes creator tool allows you to customize and personalize look of your Sony Ericsson mobile phone. You can select among different color palettes, images,

Change Firefox look with Personas skins

Personas gallery is now live fully loaded with lot of Firefox skins. It has share of its beautiful to ugly looking skins. Collection has skins of different categories including: abstract, fashion, music, nature, seasonal, sports and much more. With personas you can change Firefox look in

Free magazine WordPress theme, Magazeen

Smashing Magazine is known for its smashing design goodies, checkout latest in the form of premium Wordpress theme 'Magazeen'. It has subtle colors ideal for a professional as well as personal wordpress powered blog. It has 2 column structure with focus on content column. Sidebar has

Transform Windows Vista look like Windows 7

We have already seen transformation pack for converting looks of Windows XP into Windows 7. Here is another transformation pack from NiwradSoft for making Windows Vista system look like Windows 7. No manual editing of registry or hacking. Just download [link] the transformation pack,

Free premium WordPress theme, Irresistible

Woo themes has released cool free premium Wordpress theme 'Irresistible'. It has all the color and jazz ideal for personal blog. Basic structure is 2 column with integerated video player. Theme comes with 9 color schemes with widgetized sidebar including some the specific custom

Transform Windows XP look like Windows Seven

Windows Seven official launch still got time, how about relishing Windows Seven looks on your Windows XP computer without bells and whistles? NiwradSoft has free theme download pack, just install the theme pack and reboot your XP computer. You will be greeted with Windows Seven login

Create Gmail Theme with own colors & look

Gmail introduced number of themes to spice up look of your Gmail inbox. There are number of themes to chose from to give cool makeover to Gmail inbox. Now, you can do more by adding personalized touch with colors you want for every element in your Gmail inbox. 'Chose your own colors' is a

Official iGoogle Theme Creator

iGoogle is a startpage for many users on the internet. Your daily startpage that show content of your interest. You can customize the type and placement of content on your iGoogle page. Now, you can also customize the look of your iGoogle page with official iGoogle Theme creator. It was

Free mobile themes & wallpapers for Nokia & Ericsson

Are you searching for free themes, wallpapers, software and games for your mobile phone? Well, if you have Nokia or Sony Ericsson mobile phone, then head over to LasyK website. It has huge collection of free mobile goodies for Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobile phones. Homepage cleanly

Official Windows 7 Themes, Wallpapers & Gadgets

After release of Windows 7 beta, Microsoft is all geared up to provide goodies to spice up your Windows7 experience. Previously, we have seen loads of un-official Window7 wallpapers. Checkout official Windows7 Themes, Wallpapers desktop backgrounds, desktop and slideshow gadgets. There