Official Windows 7 Themes, Wallpapers & Gadgets


After release of Windows 7 beta, Microsoft is all geared up to provide goodies to spice up your Windows7 experience. Previously, we have seen loads of un-official Window7 wallpapers. Checkout official Windows7 Themes, Wallpapers desktop backgrounds, desktop and slideshow gadgets.

There are over 15 themes of different color and flavour representing different regions of the world including Japan, Hawaii, Ireland to topical themes on butterfly and sunset. Offering also has 13 very beautiful wallpapers for your Window7 desktop.

To add more functionality accessible at a click of a button, you can check Windows7 gadgets. This includes gadgets for date & time, Outlook upcoming, traffic by Live Search maps, blogger buddy, system monitor and lots more. Click here to access them all – themes and gadgets are strictly for Windows7  but you can for sure download and use Windows7 wallpapers on your XP/Vista computer. [Windows7 VideosWallpaper Set ISet II]



  1. christian jean says

    The gadgets at the address given are not “strictly for windows 7″. (the wallpapers are but…) Infact people will be lucky if they do work correctly under W7, as it warns at the bottom of the page:

    ” These gadgets are optimized for Windows Vista and might not provide the same experience if installed on Windows 7.”

    For the moment, many gadgets that were not coded by microsoft are having problems with the transparency effect, an ugly problem that leaves text and borders blurry and purple/pink. Theres another problem with options menus not staying open. When a real page containing gadgets written with Windows 7 in mind does pop up somewhere on the net, I’d be happy if someone would let me know.

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