Premium Blogger Templates / Themes Make Debut

Blogger template / themes just got premium tag! Just like premium Wordpress themes, now you can make Blogger blogs look jazzy and stylish. 'Premium' Blogger Templates promises more

Give New Look to Facebook page with Facebook Layouts

With so much time spend on social networking websites, looking at default layout can be very boring. Orkut has official and unofficial themes, even Twitter can be skinned with layouts and here is alternative for Facebook. PageRage allows you to change Facebook page

Create Orkut Themes with Online Theme Generator

Orkut themes made colorful debut long back. Since then, besides default Orkut themes - we have seen number of Orkut themes like themes featuring bollywood stars. Still not satisfied with Orkut themes currently available? Well, you can create your own Orkut theme in few simple mouse

Download Free Twitter Themes & Follow Me Buttons

Keep your Twitter experience fresh with new look Twitter every now and then using Twitter Themes. You can install any Twitter Theme to give much needed Twitter makeover. TwitterGallery has nice collection of Free Twitter

Give FireFox Google Chrome Looks with Chromifox

Chromifox is an interesting combo of Firefox and Google Chrome browser. Too much in love with Google Chrome and cannot leave old pal FireFox? Chromifox is possible alternative in this situation. It is a coat of Chrome for Firefox, a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox 3 on

Techno Life V2, New Look ‘ToThePC’ Goes LIVE !

Change is part of life - Techno Life went for little makeover today. New Look 'Techno Life V2' is LIVE with lots more blue and white color. Recently, so many blogs went for makeover and

Free Google Chrome Themes, Download & Change Look

Google Chrome buzz just does not seem to die down. After the official Google Chrome release, came portable Google Chrome to make it work from your USB stick. In case you are already bored of Google

Generate own WordPress Theme Online with WPPal

WPPal is your Pal if you are interested in customized and generating personalized wordpress theme online in few simple mouse clicks. We have already seen templatr online Wordpress theme generator. WPPal is more simple & easy alternative for generating

Download Royal Blue Theme for Windows Vista

Give your Windows Vista system a visual makeover with 'Royal Blue Theme' for Windows Vista. Add touch of Royal blue and loads of blue with this theme. WinVistaClub has released this theme with

Grab more iGoogle Themes from inThemes

Recently Google launched official iGoogle themes directory with well over 360+ themes. In case you did not find the igoogle them of your choice there, then check out unofficial iGoogle Theme directory at inThemes. You can change and customize the appearance of your iGoogle homepage

Search, Select & Sizzle with 360+ iGoogle themes

iGoogle experience is getting better and better. Ever since tools to create personalized igoogle themes were unveiled, there seems to be flood of igoogle themes to match taste of every user. Number of users have created beautiful igoogle themes. Now there is more than 360 igoogle

3 Tools to Create personalized iGoogle Themes

iGoogle is your personalized space on Google to access all your favorite stuff. At iGoogle you can read and place the content according to your liking. Besides the content, you can also personalize the looks of your iGoogle page. There are number of pre-designed themes in the