Download & restore original Windows XP Themes

Majority of Windows XP users are familiar and prefer use to default (original) XP theme look. If your XP themes has gone corrupt or missing, then 'Restore XP themes' package can get back all original XP themes. It is a download-able package with original default Windows XP themes. The

Bollywood Stars Google Chrome themes

Google has huge user base of Indian users. So, if we have Bollywood stars Orkut themes- why not Bollywood stars Chrome themes! Google recently released artistic themes for Google Chrome browser users. It has also released few bollywood based themes featuring top movies and stars from

Create Windows Mobile phone Themes online

Want to jazz up looks of your Windows mobile phone? Microsoft already offer loads of free themes (ringtones, wallpapers) to spice up Windows phone. Now there is another option for more customized themes using official "Windows Phone Custom Theme Creator". It is an online tool to generate

Download Windows Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers & Themes

If you happen to use Windows Mobile phone like HTC Pure, HTC Imagio, Samsung Intrepid - then here are lots of goodies to spice up your mobile experience. Microsoft Windows Phone website offer loads of download-able goodies including ringtones, wallpapers and colorful themes for your mobile

Give Google Chrome Style & Look to Windows XP

We have already seen easy way to give Google Chrome OS look to Windows XP computer. kanttii at DeviantArt has modified existing user style with all new look and elements. Overall look is very similar to Google Chrome style with dash of Vista glitz gloss. It has neat dialog boxes and other

Create Document Themes for Microsoft Office 2007

Themes in Microsoft Office allows you to give same consistent look to document being created in any application of Office 2007. Microsoft Theme Builder program helps you create such themes. You can apply the same theme to PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and

Change / install new theme in Google Chrome

Just like Firefox now you can easily deck Google Chrome browser with your favorite look. Latest version of Google Chrome (version 3) has official stable support for changing theme of the web browser. You can add or change look of  Chrome browser using themes as listed in Official Google

See random new Gmail theme everyday

Gmail has added new themes along with new "random theme" feature. It allows you to see Gmail inbox with new look theme everyday you login into it. With lot of Gmail themes, this feature will randomly set different theme for a new looking Gmail inbox daily! How to set Random Gmail

Download Ferrari car theme for Windows 7

Here is something to prep up your love for cool looking Ferrari car and Windows 7 operating system. Checkout Ferrari prototype themepack which includes: 5 cool high-resolution wallpapers and Verizon sound scheme. It makes your desktop Aero Glass a blood red wonder. Related - Official

Tranform XP to look like Google Chrome OS with free theme

Google Chrome operating system announcement made lot of buzz recently. While official Google Chrome OS release is still few months or years away, here is a free XP theme for some Google Chrome OS play on your Windows XP computer. Chrome XP V4 is a free theme that transforms your Windows XP

Official Google Chrome Themes gallery is now open

Google is taking quick steps to mature Google Chrome as a complete web browser. Latest in addition is launch of Official Google Chrome Themes Gallery. You can browse different Google Chrome themes and apply any theme to Google Chrome browser installed on the computer. As expected,

Free Music themes & welcome screens for Windows 7 by EMI

Everyone want to join the positive buzz created by upcoming Windows 7 OS launch. Music giant EMI has setup exclusive website to offer free Windows 7 goodies with music flavor. It is will be offering FREE premium content theme packs and welcome screens for Windows 7 users. Theme