Enable & switch to new look Gmail inbox [theme preview]

Google Search is going through makeover with better and more neater looking interface in the offering. On similar lines, other Google services are also getting makeover. Gmail users can also relish all new stylish looking interface while reading and sending emails. This new look is not

Open & read Gmail emails without internet in offline mode

Do you want to open and view email messages on Gmail without internet? Concept of offline Gmail has been for sometime now. Earlier it was implemented using Google Gears and offline Gmail option under Labs. However, these options are no longer available to access Gmail without internet. Now

Split Gmail inbox with dedicated email preview pane section

Gmail when accessed on iPad and other tablet device has neat stretched multi column layout to show more more content in wide screen format. If you are using widescreen monitor, you can switch to similar format by splitting Gmail inbox into different columns with dedicate email content

Hold & resume among multiple Calls in Gmail

Calling feature has been there for a while allowing you to make voice calls in Gmail. Till now we could only make, receive and handle one call at a given time. Google has added support for multiple call handling during voice. This does not imply, that you can talk to two people at same

Change Gmail inbox style to view unread, important, starred emails

Gmail is a daily routine for many web users. With so many email messages sent and received - managing email overload can be a task. Gmail introduced Priority inbox feature sometime back to ease out email overload and allow quick viewing of emails that are important to you. Now Gmail has

Open ZIP & RAR files online in Gmail & Google Docs

ZIP and RAR file format allow easy sending and sharing of multiple files as one single archive file. Ideally, when we receive a ZIP or RAR archive file, we download it and then unzip it to view contents. Downloading and file extraction is done, even when you only want to preview contents

Disable ‘the people widget’ box in Gmail

Are you annoyed with 'the people widget' pop-up box appearing at top right part of Gmail inbox window? Few users may find this highly intrusive and disturbing the normal flow of checking / replying emails. While 'the people widget' has merits for usage, however for users not interested in

‘Copy & Paste’ to insert photos in Gmail emails

Every email user sends email messages with photos now and then. Ideally we click attach file button, select images and then manually upload them to an email message. Gmail users accessing their email account in Google Chrome browser - can upload and insert images to email messages with

Maximum Gmail contacts limit – upto 25,000

Contacts is an important aspect of any online email service. Gmail has been improving Contacts feature by introducing new features like recovering deleted contacts removed accidentally. It also allows you to keep contact section neat with option to disable auto contacts addition, which

Add background photos to Gmail inbox

Gmail just got more fun and colorful with new feature that allow you to create custom Gmail theme with specific background image(s). Using 'create your own theme' option you can upload and display any (personal) photo as background image of your Gmail inbox. You can select upto two photos,

Disable auto add of Contacts in Gmail

Have you ever checked 'Other Contacts' in Contacts section of your Gmail inbox? It must be filled with lot of email ID contacts which you do not intend to add to your contacts list. Everytime you send an email to new email ID (contact), it is automatically added to 'other contacts' in

Show & hide Labels in Gmail inbox

Labels provide quick and easy way to organize Gmail email messages based of specific criterion. For example: you can label messages related to your work as 'Job', while email messages from friends can be labelled as 'personal'. You can create multiple Gmail Labels and assign more than one