Create & assign Label to Gmail messages

Labels feature in Gmail provide easy way to organize email messages. You can create multiple labels and add / assign more than one label to specific email message. Further, you can view all email messages with specific label for quick browsing of messages as per requirement. You can get

Gmail desktop notifications in Chrome

Email alerts in the form of desktop notifications is more handy way to stay updated with your email account activity. There are number of third party programs that allow new email message and chat conversation alerts on your desktop screen. If you use Google Chrome as default browser, then

How to download all Gmail file attachments

We send and receive lot of email messages with attachments like photos, documents, pdf files and so on. Do you want to view and download all attachments contained in your Gmail account? Unfortunately, there is no quick forward way to do so. However, there are few workarounds to access and

How to search emails in Gmail quickly

Do you want to quickly search for specific email messages instead of manual browsing of messages in your Gmail inbox? You can easily search and view email messages that you actually need by using advanced Gmail's email search operator (words). Based on your searching needs, you can mix

How to disable / enable Gmail labs feature

Gmail email service from Google has lot of features that facilitate sending and receiving of email messages. You can add more features to your Gmail inbox by using Gmail Labs. These are experimental features that add additional functionality to your Gmail inbox. You can enable specific

Transfer emails from one Gmail account to another

Lot of users have multiple Gmail accounts and use each account for personal and professional needs. Do you want to transfer all email messages from one Gmail account to another? Ideally, you can forward emails one by one to transfer email messages from one account to different account.

Search & view muted messages in Gmail

You can mute long conversations that do not interest you to prevent them from showing in inbox. Mute Gmail messages feature help keep inbox clean and free from unwanted conversations from appearing. Further, you can unmute any muted conversation thread and move it to inbox. However, for

Mute & unMute email messages in Gmail

If you are long message conversation in Gmail that does not interest you anymore, you can simply mute it to prevent it from showing in the inbox. This will keep inbox clean as future addition to muted conversation will not display in inbox (but it will still get archived). If your address

View recently used Emoticons in Gmail

Emoticons (emoji) can be used to decorate messages send through Gmail. You can express variety of feelings using different type of animated and colorful emoticon images. Gmail has 100+ emoticon options and it can be tough ask choosing the right one. You can simplify and make the process of

Auto open next email message in Gmail

Whenever you archive or delete an email message, you are sent back to inbox window by default in Gmail. However, in other email services like Yahoo Mail, deleting an email message opens next email message conversation automatically. Now you can customize Gmail to get similar feature to

Disable conversation threaded email view in Gmail

In Gmail, replies to original email message are grouped together creating a single conversation or thread. Replies and related messages are stacked upon each other like deck for cards (and is also called conversation view). This allows you to easily follow all replies to specific email

Higher resolution & bigger video chat in Gmail

Functionality to video chat in Gmail has been available for a while now. You need to install a video chat plugin to get going with video chatting with friends in Gmail. If you are not impressed with video quality and video size during video chatting session using this feature - then here