Send Out of Office & Vacation auto reply in Gmail & Yahoo

Are you going on vacation and will be out of office for few days? One one wants to deal with email sending chores while on vacation. You can easily setup vacation responder in Gmail and Yahoo email account to enjoy holidays to fullest. Vacation responder will automatically send reply to

How to reply specific email text in Gmail

Majority of Gmail users quickly click reply button on the opened email window for writing reply message for the same. While this is a good routine for small email messages, there is a neater way to reply long email messages in Gmail. When you click reply button whole messages is appended

Enable new Compose box in Gmail for sending quick emails

Gmail has introduced new format of "Compose box" for sending quick emails. New "Compose box" is like floating chat box with independent functionality. So while you compose new email message in the floating box, you can browse other emails in your inbox (for adding quick reference or

How to type email in different language in Gmail

Typing an email messages in different language other than your default language is always a cumbersome task. There are number of additional tools that can facilitate text typing in other languages like using virtual keyboard in Chrome browser. Gmail has handy in-built collection of input

Send & save Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive

Do you receive lot of email messages on Gmail with attached documents and presentation files? Instead of cluttering your Gmail inbox with attachment files - how about saving important files directly to Google Drive (Docs)? Ideally, you will need to download attachment file from Gmail and

Show text buttons instead of icons in Gmail inbox

Gmail went through makeover and introduced image icons for basic tasks like archive, spam, delete, move to, labels, more, reply and back. Are image icon buttons too confusing for navigating within Gmail inbox? You can easily switch to older 'text' buttons from new image icon buttons and

Easily filter & track sent Gmail messages by labels

If you send lot of email messages using Gmail service, then you must be spending lot of time in 'Sent Mail' section trying to find and look for specific sent message(s). Ideally, every sent Gmail message can be found in 'Sent Mail' section. To make things easier for sent email message(s)

Add color to black button icons in Gmail

New Gmail makeover has resulted into more simple looking inbox layout with majority of button icons loosing their colors. Icons at the top part of Gmail are now all black (like buttons for Archive, Report Spam, Delete, Move To and Labels). While this may appeal to few users but black icons

Transfer Gmail photos to Google+ Plus without re-uploading

Google+ Plus has dedicated photos section powered by Picasa Web service. You can upload lot of images and neatly organize them in different photo albums. Now you can add more photos to your Google+ Plus profile without need of manual photo uploading. For example: photos received as

How to select multiple messages in Gmail inbox

How do you select select multiple email messages in Gmail? Ideally, majority of users will click checkbox next to each email message for selection. This is very time consuming routine involving lot of clicking. You can easily select multiple emails quickly using Shift key and perform