Expand & preview shortened Tiny URLs with LongURL


There are loads of URLs shortening and snipping services that makes life easy while sharing interesting web links with long URLs.

In few clicks one can convert long URL into small URL with any URL shortening service like TinyURL. But this results in another issue – what is the actual link a specific shortened URL is pointing to?

One can trick you by giving you shortened URL pointing to mature content instead of intended content. LongURL is a cool web service that allows you to have quick view of original URL to any shortened URL.

Just enter any shortened or snipped up URL (like: http://tinyurl.com/58876g) and hit the ‘expand’ button. It will show the shortened and the original URL it points to (as shown in image above). LongURL is one smart concept to handle little issue with little (shortened) URLs.

LongURLsupports number of URL shortening services like: tinyurl.com, is.gd, ping.fm, ur1.ca, bit.ly, snipurl.com, tweetburner.com, metamark.net, url.ie, x.se, 6url.com, yep.it, piurl.com.


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