Track URL clicks analytics


Short URLs in… form are created using official Google URL shortener. You can shorten any long URL and share it with friends using shortener. Also, you can analyse further the performace of the shared URL by tracking clicks analytics of specific shortened URL. This can be easily done for any URL and also for URLs created by logging into Google account.

Click count for any shortened URL

1. Open web browser and paste / type short URL.

2. Type or append .info in the end of specific URL and press the Enter key. For example: convert into

3. This will load analytics page of specific shortened URL. Also, you can login into Google account to view analytics details of all shortened URL at one place.

Analytics data displayed for URLs

The analytics for all short URLs are displayed in aggregate. Also, the analytics page does not reveal the identity of the user (or associated details) who created specific short URL. Information displayed on analytics page of URL includes:

1. Total number of clicks on shortened URL.

2. Traffic sources in terms of clicks on specific dates in graph form.

3. List of referring URLs to the shortened URL.

4. Visitor profile details including countries, web browser and operating system platforms.


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