Look.fo – TinyUrl for Google Search Result URLs !

You can always share long URLs using TinyURL or any of the URL shortening and snipping services. Look.fo is interesting mashup of Google Search result links and URL Shortening. It allows you to share Google search results

Shorten Links & Make Money with Adjix

There are loads of web services like tinyURL.com to snip and shorten long URLs into small URLs for easy sharing. Adjix is a URL snipping and shortening service that pays you for sharing shortened links. Besides creating shortened URLs, you can earn money each time you share shortened

Surprise & Scare friends by sending Zombie URL

Usually to share links we tend to use a URL shortening service. There are many URL shortening - snipping services and here comes another one Zombie URL. Hang on, it not just another URL shortening service. ZombieURL - The URL shortener for the un-dead, pack loads of Zombies ready to

10 URL Shortening or Snipping Services

URL (Universal/Unique Resource Locator) is term used for the weblink/web address of a specific page on a website. URL Shortening is used to reduce the length of weblink. For example, Original URL: