See your future Baby online with MakeMeBabies


Couples spend hours discussing what their baby would look like. Will the baby look more like her mom or dad?

Want to find out possible answer before the actual baby or even before the actual marriage. Well, head over to ‘MakeMeBabies’.

It can help you visualize your future baby with few mouse clicks. You only need photos of the couple faces to generate a quality picture of their ‘future’ baby. It morphs two photos to create resultant photo of ‘future’ baby.

It also allow making pictures of babies by taking only one photograph and mixing it with a stock photo of a celebrity or a member of a dating site, depending on the application.

Besides you can have fun on the website by mixing photos of different celebrities. Ever wondered, how a baby of Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt look like? Checkout MakeMeBabies for some virtual fun.

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  1. Amy Jagger says

    the babies are very cute but they are other peoples babies and if they were arn how would this website now what we would dress are babies in and go to the future tellers and they sorter can be trusted

  2. This is possible , black ppl
    Can make any color child! Learn y’all history! I believe you
    I don’t know what to tell the white ppl that got black babies tho lol



  4. I also use mybabyface app on my iphone and i like it very much because i can experiment with different parent traits and see how my baby will look like. I can’t wait to see my baby.

  5. this webside is stupid me and my boyfriend are both black and we produce white child how stupid is that .

  6. BabyGenerator says

    Ah this reminds me of another cool website that morphs pictures of the parents together to reveal what their future baby will look like

  7. Does this cost??

  8. me and my boy friend is going 2 have a cute baby!

  9. Stop being stupid paying for this app. when you know if you are ugly and your husband or boyfriend is also; that baby is goin to be ugly. Also a computer app. is not DNA, DNA is powerful thats why we cant prodict what a baby is going to look like. It may look like you, your bf or husband, your father ,or your mother.

  10. Steffi Harrington says

    yes it cost money…it adds 9.99 a month extra to my phone bill

  11. wondering says

    Does this cost money?

  12. and to any one who thinks red hair when you and your S.O. has dark is just crazy cause it can happen i’m dark skinned and my baby daddy is dark skinned as well and our child is white skinned with red ass hair

    • Then you should probably stop cheating…

      • ROFL… Yes, there is no possible way. That’s like 2 black people producing an all white child. Someone hopped the fence.

        • The baby doesn’t have to look like you, even the skin colour. If you have another family member that is light skin coloured, then your baby might have got it from her/him. Babies don’t ALWAYS have to look like the parents, when there are other family members that might have the same blood as the baby

  13. does this cost???

  14. i actually think its pretty acurate it made my babee
    and it looks like me and my boyfriend

  15. its kinda scay in a way

  16. this is weird

  17. how do you work this thing

  18. yeah im filipino and my bf is white with light brown hair and i have black yet the baby turned out with red hair.!!!! its not medically correct in a way cuz the chromosomes might not be a match. its funny tho!

  19. yea that site is bull. me and my girl are both pretty white, yet we produce black babies? makes sense right hahaahaha

  20. That babypicturemaker is totally a CRAP. My future baby looks much older than I am! Holy Cow!

  21. i went to that when i went there it wouldn’t work for some reason, every time i tried to make a baby, it wouldn’t do it, the mother’s pic i upoloaded would dissappear as if it couldn’t do it.

  22. Briannan says

    Yeah is bull lol…..I took the time to wait for the thing to upload and stuff then my baby was shrek

  23. babyloveyaoi90 says

    My boyfriend and I are both mixed, half black and half white, he’s really dark though he looks black and I’m really pale I look white. Some how we got an Asian baby that looks Mexican @.@

  24. My boyfriend and I are both black yet we produced a white kid….that’s garbage !!!!

  25. MakeMeBabies really annoying!!!

  26. i love my wife and we want to see what are baby would look like.

  27. i like babies

  28. That website is complete bull! You take the time to upload the pictures and it’s a complete JOKE. My baby was Britney Spears….ha ha ha (sarcastically) but not really!

  29. Another great website for Baby picture generation is They use advanced facial recognition and genetic technology to render a very realistic image of what your future child may look like.

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