Add cool PhotoFunia photo effects with Silly Scenes

PhotoFunia has been big rage among lot of web users trying to make personal photos lot cooler. Well, if you are bored and exhausted with Photofunia effects, try Silly Scenes. It has huge collection of nasty, cool and unique templates to stick your face image. To get started, browse

3D view of Obama Inauguration from user images

We have already seen's brand new blog and HQ inauguration images clicked from space. Here is the best one - 3D view of Obama Inauguration ceremony created by images clicked by people attending the ceremony. Number of people have submitted images clicked by them to CNN

Morph Face images online with MorphThing

MorphThing is very basic and easy to use online image morpher. Select 2 images and with a click of a button get your final morphed image. You can play around with this online tool without

Free panoramic image creation software, panoroma pro

A panoramic image is a result of seamless overlapping of series of images. While this is possible in Photoshop with loads of efforts and time, you can do it the easy way using panoramic image creation software like Pos Panoroma pro. This software makes the process of creating

Create Photo Montages of your pics with Montagraph

We just saw 'YourMagicPhoto' web app and here is 'Montagraph' to create more cool photo montages. Unlike YourMagicPhotos, Montagraph has limited options to play around with. To get started, select template of your choice

Sarah Palin Bikini Photo is a Photoshop WONDER

Photoshop and other image editing software can be used to create awesome graphic effects. They can also be used for not so pleasing by-products. Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah

Make your Face Pic Funny, Ugly, Alien with Moonjee

Moonjee is an interesting web tool to play with your face picture. Just provide your face image and start playing and creating - the way you want. You can make face ugly, un-even by inflating

Put Your Face on any body, cool pic fun with ClubDud

Pic below would explain loud and clear what 'ClubDud' is all about. Upload your picture and try to fit on any of the body available on the website. Result can be as creative as you can get. Clubdud allows you to make Myspace Widgets

See your future Baby online with MakeMeBabies

Couples spend hours discussing what their baby would look like. Will the baby look more like her mom or dad? Want to find out possible answer before the actual baby or even before the actual marriage. Well, head over to 'MakeMeBabies'. It can help you visualize your future baby with