Put Your Face on any body, cool pic fun with ClubDud


Pic below would explain loud and clear what ‘ClubDud’ is all about. Upload your picture and try to fit on any of the body available on the website. Result can be as creative as you can get.

Clubdud allows you to make Myspace Widgets on the fly. First, select any of the base body from hot babes to men from movies to cats and much more. Then upload your face pic.

Now, it is time to play around with the uploaded face and base body picture. Using slider bar you can rotate and resize face picture. You can flip the face and see live preview in the editing window. Grab the code for your ClubDud MySpace widget.

Checkout Clubdud for some cool picture fun with images. Besides embedding your creations you can save creations with a trick. Well, just use ‘printscreen’ button on your keyboard and then paste / save using MS Paint.  via

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  1. erhm….ow to play this? :/

  2. hahahahahah!!!!!!!

  3. this clubdud used to have a custom made face but they took it off, is no more fun.

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