Make ID card photos with free image duplicator & printer


ID PhotoStudio is a free application to make ID card photos from your personal images. It allows you to print photos ready to be used on any ID card. You can browse and select any photo on the computer. Then select dimensions of the photo as per country specifications from drop down menu. (like 35X35mm for India, 2X2 for US).


Then select number of pictures you want to print by moving the slider. Hit the print now button to see print of multiple photos that can be used on any ID card. Other features include:

– Make photo black & white, goto Options > Transform > Greyscale
Translate application in different language, goto Options > Language
– Add Sepia effect to images, goto Options > Transform > Sepia
Rotate selected images, goto Image > Rotate

Download ID PhotoStudio(1.8MB) to quickly process and print photos for use on ID cards. It is simple, quick and very useful to edit and print images specifically for use on ID cards.



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