Add cool PhotoFunia photo effects with Silly Scenes


PhotoFunia has been big rage among lot of web users trying to make personal photos lot cooler. Well, if you are bored and exhausted with Photofunia effects, try Silly Scenes. It has huge collection of nasty, cool and unique templates to stick your face image.


To get started, browse and select any template or scene – there are over 1042 silly scenes to choose from. Upload your image and see the effect in action. If this does not work, after you upload image click on any effect – you should see results.

Besides there is flash and javascript editor for manual adjustment of image into the scene. Interface may not look clean since its laden with lot of advertisements, still good enough for rendering effects. Checkout Silly Scenes, thanks Canuckster.



  1. abdullah mubariz says

    I need this soft ware for home pc please

  2. Wow, it’s a really nice list of image editors. You know, I was very fortunate to find this. I was thinking of getting some good editors for posting images in my blog, CuteWriting.

    One more thing I need to mention is that the images are best viewed in the PNG format. It takes the best space value for a level of quality. In fact, it is a lossless format, that gives exactly the same quality as its corresponding bmp format, which is the original image format.

  3. Bob Garson says

    It looks really cool and I like photofunia. Yesterday I found one more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 100 funny photo templates. It is free and very easy to use…

  4. hello i like you

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