Create personalized photo mosaic online in few Clicks


Creating a photo mosaic in Photoshop and any other image editing software can take a while to finish. Using PicArtia online photo mosaic creator, you can create photo mosaic without installing any software in few clicks.

Simple upload image from your computer and then select images to be used to create photo mosaic depicting uploaded image. You can select flickr image based on different categories like birds, animals, bikini etc.

Provide your email address and few more clicks to complete the photo mosaic. A high resolution and detailed photo mosaic is ready. Ability to create mosaic from flickr user images, photobucket could be added soon.

PicArtia is one cool way to create photo mosaics on the fly. You can also visit gallery section to view mosaics created by other users. Do you use any other web service to create photo mosaic? Share with us by adding a comment.



  1. Hi,

    I have used the following 2 photo mosaic tools:

    Offline: Andreamosaic

    Online: EasyMoza

  2. Nice article, May be you will be interested about photomosaic software from Artensoft. Just take a look for the gallery first:
    I found that the example photomosaics and photocollages are truly amazing too.

  3. New Free online photo mosaic tool:

  4. Hi Amit
    I think that can help you. Its really professional.

  5. Hi guys.
    I use .
    You can personalize 100% the album.
    And its free.

  6. Create photo mosaic from your photos

  7. ok

  8. wow those are some real good features & options but iam looking for the one that comes for bulk/batch mode.

  9. Davinder says


    Loonapix is a good option for stylish borders

    For Polaroid border check here

    For rounded borders on the fly

    Will dig out few apps that can work in batch mode :)

  10. Do you know any tool using which we can add those stylish borders to images in bulk or say borders like torn newspapers styles to a number of images?

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