Play online / Download Rubiks Cube game

Rubiks Cube game is one of the classic game to exercise thinking of part of the brain. Game is all about a cube with 27 blocks, each cube face consists of 9 blocks. You can need to rotate parts of the cube till each side or face of cube is of the same color. It is simple yet very brain

Cut & split photo in pieces to prevent copy or save

There are number of ways to prevent copy or save of images displayed on a webpage like watermarking photos with logo, disabling right click menu etc. If making photos ugly by adding watermark does not please you, try splitting photo in pieces to prevent copy or save of the original photo.

Fake Virus prank program for real fun

Virus on computer can easily make it do some strange things with different pop-up errors, blue screen of death and nasty error messages on black screen. This for sure is scary for any Windows user. How about faking all this for real fun with friends? This is possible using "The Ultimate

Play Tetris game online

Like Mario game, Tertis is one classic game that has been around for a while. You can play Tetris game online for free without need to download anything. Online version of this game has all elements of traditional Tetris game with different shapes of colorful blocks falling down. You

Download portable Sudoku game, solve puzzle in USB

Sudoku puzzle game has been around for long time for quality mind-testing and timepass as you fill in correct numbers. Now you can download Sudoku game in portable format to carry and play from any device like USB, CD, iPod, portable hard drive etc. This addictive puzzle game was created

Make taskbar or any open application window transparent

Do you want play around with application windows and make them transparent? TranspApps is a cool free application that allows you to make taskbar or any opened application window transparent in few simple clicks. After install, TranspApps window will show list of opened application. To get

Create LEGO style plastic colorful avatar online

LEGO style is simple and yet so admiring to look. If you love LEGO plastic characters, here is chance to get involved in online LEGO style avatar making. The Mini Mizer is a flash based online tool to create custom colorful LEGO style avatars in few mouse clicks. Related - Free

Live Typing show typed text as animated image

Do you want to record text being typed and flaunt it as an animated image? LiveTyping is a perfect way to do so in few simple clicks. Just click the start button and start typing any text. Click enliven button and your typed text will be ready for download in the form of animated GIF image

Make large URLs complete with website title in URL

Are you tired of all those URL shorteners and snippers like tinyurl, bitly and so on? Well, get into reverse gear and make your URLs larger than ever with longr web service. It does not add unnecessary characters to enlarge URLs infact enlarged result is very meaningful for any

Play online games in Google Talk [web based]

Now you can enjoy online games while chatting with buddies on Google Talk. Currently, this only works in web based Google Talk Sandbox and will soon be available in Gtalk application installed on your computer. Here is quick procedure to get started with playing games with friends on web

Melt, blow, fire, dissolve Desktop Screen [fun app]

How about having little fun with the desktop screen? Desktop Monet is small application that allows to you make you desktop screen go crazy like hell. You can add different effect to the desktop screen with a click of a button. Blow it, dust it, dissolve it, set it on fire and lot

Scribble graffiti on any webapge with mouse

Do you want to vandalize your favorite website or webpage without too much fuss? Scribblet is a bookmarklet [30 more bookmarklets] that allows you to become instant grafitti artist with webpage being your canvas. Open any webpage, click the bookmarklet and start vandalizing that webpage.