Santa shooter, a game for Christmas fun & action

Christmas goodies keep coming as we head close to Christmas. 'Santa Shooter' as the name suggest involves game player to shoot Santa Claus with loads of bullets. It involves a story of benevolence, misunderstandings, alcoholic beverages and a loaded gun. You get to play a drunk father

5 Online Shoe throwing Games based on Bush incident

George Bush showed all the reflexes to duck and miss the shoe thrown by a reporter at a press conference. While incident found different voices from different leader, online world just got another topic to dish out some fun. Number of online games have come upon

New Christmas Emoticons for Windows Live Messenger

There is no stopping to spill of Christmas goodies as we draw near to Christmas D-day. Bring Xmas to your Windows Live Messenger with new Xmas Emoticons. It has been released for free download and

Christmas Tree with countdown Clock on desktop

Spice up your 'Techno Christmas' by placing a virtual Christmas tree on the desktop just above system clock. There are number of skins to chose style of Christmas tree you want. You can also display countdown for days until Christmas, New Year and Julian Christmas. There is more, listen

Falling Snow Desktop Screensaver, download it free

There is still time for Christmas and we will prepare you for the big day 'Techno-wise'. We have seen loads of Christmas goodies and here is another one. Falling snow desktop screen saver bring snow

Show Snow on WordPress Blog, its Christmas Time !

Snow symbolises winters, Christmas and holiday season for lot of fun and goodies. How about adding falling show effect to your Wordpress blog? Falling snow effect option is already live on blogs. To activate falling snow effect on your Wordpress

Create Christmas & holiday greeting Cards with a Funk

Holiday season all set to storm with loads of wishes being sent and received. Making things all easy and funny checkout 'CardFunk'. It allows you to make animated funny Christmas

Virtual online Coin Toss, good old school style

Coin toss has been used for so many years to make decisions among two competing parties. Till now, it is being used in number of sports like in cricket coin toss is done to decide on which team will bat or field first. With you do not need actual coin.

TinyTags for Cute Tag Image with Custom text

See the image with 'Techno Life @ tothepc' on the right side? It explains what tinytags is all about. TinyTags is an online generator to create cute images with custom text message. Just enter your custom text and click on 'Make tag' button. Your cute tinytag image will be ready for

Morph Face images online with MorphThing

MorphThing is very basic and easy to use online image morpher. Select 2 images and with a click of a button get your final morphed image. You can play around with this online tool without

‘Let Me Google That for you’ – for simply Google DUMB

Using internet (and Google) is not cup and coffee for everyone. There are folks around, who may not know about Google and how to use it? 'Let Me Google That for you' is a cool way of helping people wanting to Google some stuff but don't know the procedure.

What is value worth of your Twitter profile ?

Are you are twitter hero? Want to know the value worth of your Twitter profile? Well, TweetValue tells you the same in  few simple clicks. Just enter your Twitter username and click on 'get my value' button. You will see the value rating in terms of $ (US Dollar).