Google Logos, download fake or original G logos

Google Logos on specials days and events always bring smile. Google mark special occasions with vibrant and more colorful logos keeping in spirit of that day. Be it Christmas or first day of spring - Google got special logos! Download Google Holiday logos [1999-2009] Download some

Googleplex video: 1000+ Googlers, 20 buildings, 200 dogs

Ever wanted to see mighty Google's headquarter - the GooglePlex. Well, checkout this Googleplex 200 seconds tour video to see it all (almost). Google got lot of googlers, buildings, dogs (yeah!). It includes: organic garden that supplies cafes, number of community bikes to go from one

Download Cat & Dog screen lick screensavers

Want to see a dog or cat licking your computer screen in trying to keep it wet and clean? If you love cats or dogs or both - then grab screen lick screensaver in which a cat / dog keeps licking your computer screen. It cool, funny and very clean looking (duh!). From now on, your

Fake magazine cover generator & image fun

Your image on cover of popular magazines like Time, wired etc - this is very old trick that never looks stale. We have already seen fake mag cover fun and fun with frames at JPGFun, here is more at WriteOnit. This web service provide cool set of online tools to play with your images. To

Download Free Winks & Emoticons for MSN Messenger

Winks and emoticons - more the better is mantra for every chat addict. Let this addiction grow by downloading cool set of free MSN winks. They are sweet, crazy and lovely to look at. Of course, the traditional wink movement is all there for the view. Click here to download sets of

Add cool PhotoFunia photo effects with Silly Scenes

PhotoFunia has been big rage among lot of web users trying to make personal photos lot cooler. Well, if you are bored and exhausted with Photofunia effects, try Silly Scenes. It has huge collection of nasty, cool and unique templates to stick your face image. To get started, browse

Google Search in reverse, try figure out !

We are so use to using Google search now and then for stuff we need. If you are too much bored of using Google like it is - checkout Google Search in backward direction. Everything is in backwards from logo to submit buttons. Also, you need to type search term in backward to get

Windows Fun by showing joke, pranky error messages

We have already seen cool way to create fake and funny error message boxes. Well, checkout Dr Windows that can save you from dying of humor - does it? On the face of it, this program will behave as if it is protecting your computer from something (not sure what). This will actually

HiYo cool emoticons, sounds, winks for Live Messenger

Is your Windows Live Messenger getting boring? Well, you can easily spice it up with new fun goodies using HiYo Live Messenger add-on. It adds tons of cool Winks, Emoticons, Anim

Desktop Graffiti, Vandalize desktop by spraying paint

Desktop Graffitist is a cool application for fun with anything on your desktop. It allows you to spray paint on desktop and create Graffiti aka Desktop Graffiti. This little application is good enough for your creative release and for some fun while working (or sitting idle). Using this

‘NewYear’ Resolution Randomizer for something NEW

NewYear is all set to spillover and its that classic time to make 'New Year' resolutions. Making resolutions is easy but sticking to them is hard. Resolution Randomizer is a web service to tackle easy part of making resolutions. It is Microsoft Silverlight based applications that show

Draw with mouse on online color pixel wall at ColorPx

We have already seen Dot Matrix, a simple one tool to make dot matrix black and white drawings. Here is ColorPx, that does something similar but with a splash of color. You can draw colorful drawing with a click on mouse on grid structure. It allows you to make really detailed and