Age Effect online: how my face looks after 20 years

"How will my face look after 20 years?" Is this question troubling your mind? You can easily get the answer to this question using "In20Years" tool. It is an online tool that allows you to upload your face image and process image as it should look after 20years. In more simple terms, this

Download & play Pinball HD game on iPad

Pinball is a classic game that appeal to users of every age. If you have all new Apple iPad, then checkout glitzy HD version of Pinball game. Play this game in awesome HD graphics and interface on your big screen iPad device. Game promises stunning 3D graphics with great level of

Vertical browsing Tabs in Google Chrome

Are you bored of usual horizontally aligned tabs button at the top of Google Chrome browser? Extensions can be used for lot of fun with Chrome like flipping webpages upside down or add background to Google search. Vertical Tabs Chrome extension allows you to view all opened tabs in

Witty status messages for Yahoo chat in single click

Setting custom status message for Yahoo chat is a routine for many users. Custom message has to be (funny yet) relevant to personality of a specific user. If you are lost on funny one liners for your Yahoo chat status then checkout automatic 'status-o-matique'. In single click you are view

Count key press of specific keys on keyboard

Do you want to know, which keys were pressed how many times on the keyboard? Keeping track of this manually is very difficult and time consuming routine. You can automatically count and keep track of specific keys press using free utility 'Key Counter'. It can track specific user defined

Yahoo Messenger Valentine with Hearts IMVironment

With more people restricted to computers and internet, there are newer ways to show love and affection on special days like Valentine Day. You can give Windows 7 operating system a makeover with Valentine Day Lacy Hearts theme or create Valentine Day e-cards or those good old Valentine Day

Flip Webpage upside down in Chrome [PC prank]

Do you want to play [very harmless] PC prank on friends? You can flip any webpage upside down in Google Chrome browser and amaze friends while they try to browse favorite websites (all appearing upside down). This is possible by using "Upside Down" Chrome extension to flip whole webpage or

Animated Christmas Tree on desktop

Last Christmas we checked out desktop Christmas tree with countdown clock. Here is even better and easy animated Christmas Tree on the desktop. It is fully portable: just download zip file of any Christmas tree, unzip it and double click icon to see animated Christmas tree on the

Type text backward in reverse: text turner

Want to freak out your Messenger and other online friends? Text Turner should come handy for some fun with text. It allows you to write any text in backward direction. It displays any typed text in reverse, which you can copy and paste anywhere for 'text' fun with friends. After the

Make own custom Emoticons: Free Emotemaker

Emoticons can be real fun: they are funny, refreshing and bring smile to the face. Want to create own custom emoticon? Emotemaker is a free program that allows you to create customized emoticons with user defined shape and other elements. It has simple, easy to use interface with loads of

Show Date Time on titlebar of active window – cool tweak!

Are you too obsessed with current date and time? If yes, then TBDT (Titlebar Date Time) can help by displaying date and time information on active window. This small utility show current date and time on the right side of the title bar of an active window. It sits on the system tray and

Move Windows Close, Minimize, Maximize buttons to left side

LeftSider is small fun application that allows you to move Windows button from right to the left size. This utility moves - minimize, maximize and close button from top-right to top-left part of the Window. All the functionality remain same except that location of button change to left