Google Docs templates for Christmas & Holidays

With upcoming Holiday season, Google Docs is all set to make 'Techno Life' easy with collection of templates for holidays. It has loads of free Google Docs templates to cater to holiday season needs. There are different templates with cool design and

Witty Status Messages for Twitter, Facebook, forums

Having a strong and naughty punchline under profile link at different social networking websites and forums is a must have for most of us. Checkout few witty status punchline messages for imaginary user 'Tom' Tom was incomplete until he got married. Now he's finished!! Tom is

Measure Mouse travel & accuracy, for stats crazy !

Ever wondered - How much Km distance your mouse covered today? How many clicks were inflicted using mouse? These detailed measures can be easily accessed using small free utility AntiMousing. It is a tracker for mouse movement and activity during any given session of computer usage.

Microsoft Makes you WORK in ‘Windows on Bus’

In times of economic meltdown, job cutting, downsizing - what good way to get more from your employees? Well, Microsoft has the answer - sort off! As soon as Microsoft employees step into bus

Create Fake & Funny Windows Error Message Box

An average Windows user would have seen Windows error message box once in a while. Most of these error messages are sane which guide you and inform you about task at hand. You can add some insanity to them by creating fake and funny Windows error message boxes using 'The Message Box

Convert Image into HTML / ASCII / Matrix Style Fun

Text-Image is a cool web service for little fun with images by converting them into text based formats. Just upload image from computer & start the fun. After selecting image, you can configure various

Matrix Style Bits Screensaver, free download

Did you like that matrix style look with black background with numbers flying around? If yes, get the same for your computer with Bits Screensaver. It is a free cool screensaver that fly bits (zeros

Improve Spelling ability by making words, fun & play!

If you have played 'Word Racer' game while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger - then you will also love WordGrid game. It is a similar game for solo word making fun and play. You have to make meaningful words from alphabets shown on word grid. Select words and then click on enter

Gmail gets Colorful Emoticons, Looks Cool !

Gmail gets more colorful and happening with addition of new cool emoticons. There is an smiley (emoticon) to express every emotion. When you compose email in Gmail, just click on emot

YourMagicPhoto for Image fun with Montage Effects

We have already seen number of web apps to have fun with images online. On the lines of super cool web app 'PhotoFunia', here is YourMagicPhoto. It has loads of montage effects that can be applied

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons to Surprise chat buddies

Emoticons play very important role to express your feelings without typing any word. There is emoticon for every emotion and feeling.   Dishing out new emoticons while chatting with buddies can pleasantly surprise them. Get over the usual emoticons and memorize shortcut for some fresh

Gmail Goggles to prevent Freak Weekend Email fun

On Weekends one can booze off, party all night - you may indulge in some fun emailing that you may regret sending (of course the next morning)! Picture this, you just send a harsh email to sweet