Measure Mouse travel & accuracy, for stats crazy !


Ever wondered – How much Km distance your mouse covered today? How many clicks were inflicted using mouse? These detailed measures can be easily accessed using small free utility AntiMousing.

It is a tracker for mouse movement and activity during any given session of computer usage. Using this utility, you can check distance travelled by mouse per minute, number of clicks per minute, illegal moves per minute.

Well, use this utility and you will know what is NOT so legal about your mouse moves. AntiMousing aims to make you more productive mouse user. Not sure about productivity but it does churn out few interesting statistics worth a view and ponder over.

Download AntiMousing  and see what you and your mouse has been upto. Keep the track of mouse movement, clicks and ofcourse those illegal moves. Fun + little info about mouse = AntiMousing. One downside, it does not save stats between sessions. So keep playing with mouse and see your stats!


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