Get QR code of URLs is a popular and very basic URL shortening service. Besides the basic URL shortening, it also provide other features like analytics click tracking and qr code generation. By default, qr code is generated for all short URLs. Hence, you can easily get QR code image of any

How to see number of clicks statistics of bitly URLs is hugely popular URL shortening service among others like tinyurl. Besides the basic functionality of shortening URLs, it also provide feature for URL analysis. You can track number of clicks, locations, referrers, time of clicks for any bitly URL without having to register, login

Real time Firefox downloads per second stats & map

Every new version of Firefox clocks record downloads from its loyal existing and ever increasing new Firefox users. Mozilla has setup real time live counter showing Firefox downloads per second from users located in different countries. It displays country-wise maximum, minimum, current

See URL click stats of webinks in tweets on TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an awesome desktop client for Twitter. It has number of features to make twitter experience easy and quick. By default all weblinks shared via tweets on Tweetdeck use URL shortening service. Tweetdeck has option to see click statistics and actual URLs of all URLs

View Outlook statistics for users & email messages

OutlookStatView is a small utility that display statistics associated with Outlook email client on your computer. It shows different type of information which can be helpful in further analysis. For each user or email, following information is displayed: Number of outgoing messages

Access Google Analytics data on desktop – Polaris

Google Analytics is an excellent service to keep statistical records of any website. You can keep track of daily visitors, pageviews, search keywords brining traffic to your website. Ideally, one can access analytics data in web browser by logging into your account at Google Analytics

Measure Mouse travel & accuracy, for stats crazy !

Ever wondered - How much Km distance your mouse covered today? How many clicks were inflicted using mouse? These detailed measures can be easily accessed using small free utility AntiMousing. It is a tracker for mouse movement and activity during any given session of computer usage.

Whos.Amung.Us Notifier, Live Stats on System tray is free widget based web service to track live statistics of any blog or website. Just copy the code to your website or blog template and see live stats on your unique URL. Recently, went for little makeover allowing you to see all on 'One page'. If you are Makeover, Now See all on One page is popular widget service among bloggers for live visitor tracking (even we use it - see footer). Website has gone for a makeover both cosmetic and functional. Website has shed its dark colors, new look all white and glassy blue. With less design elements, website seem to