Setup Mouse for left handed Windows user

By default, mouse in Windows 8, 7 and XP computer is configured for a right handed user. Left clicking on mouse is done by first finger, while right clicking is done by second finger. Not all Windows users (infact people) are right handed. Use of a right handed configured mouse by a left

Paste text in Firefox with mouse middle click button

If you use Firefox as default web browser on your computer, then here is a handy trick for quicker pasting of copied (clipboard) text. Once you activate "middlemouse.paste" option in Firefox, you can quickly paste copied text by pressing middle click button on your mouse within Firefox

Mouse middle button shortcuts for Google Chrome

We often use mouse to quickly navigate to elements on a webpage. While there are Chrome keyboard shortcuts to perform basic tasks quickly in Google Chrome browser, you can also use mouse's middle button (mouse wheel) for even quicker actions in Chrome. Checkout following listing of mouse

Control Mouse pointer with keyboard numeric keys

Did your computer mouse suddenly stop working in middle of some important task? No need to look for another mouse, as you can control mouse pointer using keyboard. Numeric keys on the keypad on the right side can be used to control mouse pointer on Windows 7 PC. This feature can be used to

Swap Left & Right mouse buttons in single click

Ideally we can switch & swap left, right mouse buttons from "Mouse" settings icon in the Control Panel. This procedure is long (boring) and involve couple of clicks for the final swap of mouse buttons. Dmouse is cool utility that allows you to swap left and right mouse buttons in a

Microsoft Wireless keyboard & mouse for Windows 7 [Comfort Desktop 5000]

Microsoft has launched new wireless keyword "Comfort Desktop 5000" specially enhanced for upcoming Windows 7 operating system. It utilizes a Comfort Curve layout that encourages natural wrist posture with a slight six-degree curve. Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard layout has soft-touch

Microsoft Arc mouse get color splash

We have already seen few very strange looking mouse. Here is Microsoft Arc mouse which looks classy and is very functional. It seems people are lapping on to this mouse with Microsoft now adding color splash to this product. This top selling mouse from Microsoft will be available in

Measure Mouse travel & accuracy, for stats crazy !

Ever wondered - How much Km distance your mouse covered today? How many clicks were inflicted using mouse? These detailed measures can be easily accessed using small free utility AntiMousing. It is a tracker for mouse movement and activity during any given session of computer usage.

Wireless Mouse that measure Heart Rate on Touch

Faint hearted, heavy hearted, lite hearted... If you have habit of skipping a heart beat and use computer regularly, then Asustek Vito W1 wireless laser mouse for sure will help you. It measures heart rate and pressure on

How many Mouse Clicks & Key Press you have made?

Interested in knowing number of mouse clicks and key press you have made till now? WorkMeter XP is a small utility that will measure and reveal all such stats. It counts keyboard and mouse clicks and calculates cursor's trajectory length in pixels and meters. Calculated length depends

Control system sound Volume by rolling Mouse Wheel

Don't want to click to control volume on your computer? Well, you have option to use mouse wheel to control sound volume on computer using free utility Volumouse. Using this utility you can configure set of rules when to use wheel to change sound volume on the system. For example, you

3 Quickies before you start mouse cleaning process

After a period of time, mouse movement gets tacky and its time to do some cleaning up. Don't just fiddle around with mouse in hurry. Be careful and keep in mind following things before you start the mouse cleaning process. 1. Turn OFF your computer - It is always advisable to turn OFF