3 Quickies before you start mouse cleaning process


After a period of time, mouse movement gets tacky and its time to do some cleaning up. Don’t just fiddle around with mouse in hurry. Be careful and keep in mind following things before you start the mouse cleaning process.

1. Turn OFF your computer – It is always advisable to turn OFF the computer before you can disconnect the mouse cable for cleaning up process. In case you want to clean up mouse without turning OFF the computer, then jump to next step.

2. Lock computer or install utility – If you cannot afford to turn OFF computer for mouse cleaning process then lock the computer using (Windows Key + L). Alternatively, you can install a small utility like Squeaky Clean. This tool allows you to temporarily lock mouse pointer movements for the purpose of cleaning your mouse.

3. Get Stuff for the cleaning process – You will need few things for the actual cleaning process. This includes – Toothpick, Distilled Rubbing Alcohol, Paper Towel and clean lint free cloth or soap.

For actual cleaning of your ball mouse – Release the rubber ball by rotating locking ring that holds it in place. Look for an arrow to know which way to push or twist the locking ring. Now give rubber ball good cleaning with soap or lint free cloth. Dry it before you put it back in mouse.

Now, you need to clean inner part of the mouse. Take a toothpick and start scrapping off stuff on the inner sides of ball chamber. If you have an Optical mouse (that has no ball), just clean the bottom part with distilled rubbing alcohol (or after-shave lotion) and a paper towel.

A Clean mouse works like charm and enhances the working life of mouse. Do you use any other ingredient for the process of mouse cleaning? If yes, please do share with us!


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