Virtual online Coin Toss, good old school style


Coin toss has been used for so many years to make decisions among two competing parties. Till now, it is being used in number of sports like in cricket coin toss is done to decide on which team will bat or field first.

With you do not need actual coin. Just open the website on your computer and toss the coin virtual way. Just select ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ from the drop down menu and hit the ‘flip it!’ button. You either lose or win.

To maintain authenticity of the toss, you can enter your and your friend’s email ID. After the toss is done, both will receive email with results. So, no chance of playing around the wrong way. It is toss the good old school way with [via]



  1. Bob-Boberson says

    This coin toss never flips heads, only tails. I tried it 50 times, I know some may say I have too much free time, but I did an experiment. (Ha! Got you there, didn’t I? You were thinking I’m a mindless blob that sits at the computer flipping a virtual coin 50 times for no good reason, but you were wrong. Shamo!)

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