Disable search feature in Windows 7

Windows 7 operating system has an integrated Search feature. It allows you to search for files and folders on your Windows 7 computer. To use search feature on Windows 7, you can use search box in the start menu or at top right part of explorer window(s). Majority of users do not use

Always open & run programs as Administrator on Windows 7

By default, when you double click application program icon - it is opened and executed in non-admin mode without administrator rights. This works fine while using majority of application programs on your Windows 7 computer. However, problem may arise for programs requiring strict

Remove pre-installed Games on Windows 7

Windows 7 operating system has lot of pre-installed (default) games. List of Games include: Chess Titans, FreeCell, Hearts, Internet Checkers, Internet Spades, Minesweeper, Purble Place, Solitaire and more. You can easily access all these games on Windows7 PC: Click Start and type games in

Calculate mortgage, lease & mileage in Windows 7 calculator

Calculator on Windows 7 operating system can perform lot of funtions besides the default mathemetical calculations. You can use it as handy tool for calculating mortgages, vehicle lease and fuel economy (mileage). These are in-built advance features of Windows 7 calculator which can be

Turn off internal beep sound on Windows 7

Are you annoyed of computer making beep sound? Computer make small beep sound using internal speaker in the computer ( PC tower) case. Such beeps are used for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes. If your PC is working fine, you do not need to hear these beeps. You can easily disable

Ways to install Service Pack 1 on Windows 7

Windows 7 users can now download Service Pack 1 update for the operating system. It include improvements to the operating system in terms of speed and relability. There are number of methods for downloading and installing Service Pack 1 (SP1) software update for free. You can use automatic

Uninstall & remove Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 users. You can install the sp1 update for improvements and enhancements on your Windows 7 PC. SP1 installation can be done using Windows Update feature or you can order free SP1 DVD for manual installation using disc. If for some reason

Order free Windows 7 service pack 1 DVD

Service Pack release bring new improvements to the operating system. Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 users have been released. Users can download the Service Pack 1 file for manual installation or perform automatic installation via Windows Update. However, if you cannot download Service Pack

Delete corrupt ARP cache on Windows 7

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to map IP addresses to MAC addresses. ARP cache contains recent IP addresses to MAC addresses mapping to reduce number of ARP requests. Sometimes ARP cache become corrupt and we need to clear it to solve issue at hand. Corrupt ARP

Change ‘My Computer’ desktop icon on windows 7

Don't like 'My Computer' icon on Windows 7 desktop? You can easily customize to change 'My Computer' icon with any icon of your choice. You can use 'change desktop icon' feature in personalization settings for making changes to icon for 'My Computer' on the desktop screen of Windows 7

Backup themes on Windows 7 PC

Themes provide great way to customize and freshen up look of Windows 7 user interface. There are number of Windows 7 themes with different design and style like Winter themes, holiday themes. You can easily copy and backup themes data of your current Windows 7 PC. Further, themes backup