Group files by size in folder on Windows 7

There are number of ways one can organize and sort files on Windows 7 computer. Sorting files by increasing or decreasing size is most common way to organize files in a folder. You can refine this further by grouping files as: large, medium and small. This provide quick view of number of

Backup & restore Sticky Notes on Windows 7

Sticky Notes help you place reminder notes on desktop screen of Windows 7 computer. You can easily add sticky notes on Windows 7 with listing of to-do tasks. Further, you can customize text on sticky notes for different text size, text style resulting in better visibility and

Create Keyboard shortcut for applications in Windows 7

We open, use and close lot of applications while working on Windows 7 computer. One can easily save time and do things quickly by launching applications with keyboard shortcut hotkeys instead of manual clicking. On Windows 7, you can create and assign keyboard shortcuts to application

Change text size & style in Sticky notes on Windows 7

Sticky notes is a very handy feature of Windows 7 operating system. You can easily create and add sticky notes on desktop screen for quick reminder(s) of important upcoming events. Besides adding multiple sticky notes on desktop screen, you can customize each by changing text style (make

Add sticky notes on Windows 7 desktop screen

Do you want to add quick reminder notes on Windows 7 computer? You can use 'Sticky Notes' feature to make sticky notes quickly with custom text. This feature allows you to add multiple sticky notes anywhere on desktop screen of Windows 7 PC. You can move and place sticky note(s) at any

Remove homegroup in Windows 7 Explorer

An average Windows 7 user may not use all features. Even though features are not used they still consume system resources and processor time. Homegroup is one such feature that you may not have used on your Windows 7 computer. You may have setup homegroup feature accidentally during first

Remove Skype from taskbar on Windows 7

Newer version of Skype automatically pins to Windows 7 taskbar. Even if you click X at top right of Skype window, it does not go away easily. You need to perform a longer routine to remove Skype from taskbar - right click on Skype tab on taskbar and then click on 'Quit' option. You can

Connect external monitor to Windows 7 laptop

You can easily extend display of your Windows 7 PC to external devices like 2nd external monitor or a projector. Windows 7 allows automatic configuration of settings when an external devices is connected to the parent computer. You can connect external display to watch Youtube, Netflix,

Delete recent Jump List items on Windows 7

When you right click any opened application on Windows 7 taskbar, it shows additional recent 'Jump List' items. Do you want to delete latest jump list items from right click menu of icons displayed on Windows 7 taskbar? You can remove and clear all recent items in the jump list through

Hide Language Bar on Windows 7 desktop

A language bar appears on the desktop screen while working with multiple language input. Language bar is displayed when new keyboard layout or input languages is added on your Windows 7 computer. It is very useful for quick toggle between languages and keyboard layout. However, if you

Delete & reset thumbnail image cache on Windows 7

Thumbnail images are small preview images displayed for actual images and applications on Windows 7 PC. Sometimes, even after modifying actual image - Windows 7 still display old thumbnail image in the preview. This happens when thumbnail image does not refresh in the cache database. You