Minimize all windows except the one you (Aero) Shake

'Aero Shake' is one of the interesting features in upcoming Windows 7. This feature allows you to minimize all windows except the Windows you shake. So, if you shake a window with mouse - it will stay on the screen and all other windows will minimize automatically. Now, you can enjoy

Windows7 Wallpaper inspired from Official Screenshots

We have already seen glitzy (but unofficial) Windows7 Wallpapers. Here is new Windows7 wallpaper inspired from preview of screenshots unveiled at PDC 2008. Click here to download the whole package.

Windows 7 Gets Official name… it is Windows 7

Microsoft's upcoming operating system after XP and Vista had codename 'Windows 7'. Now, this is official name for the same. Here goes, "... since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, Windows

Windows7 New Screenshots look more like Vista

Windows7 will succeed Windows Vista and everyone is curious about it. We have already seen loads of Windows Seven Screenshots and here are few more - the latest ones. Latest Windows 7 screenshot that looks more like Windows Vista than Mac (like previously seen). Checkout

Windows 7 Wallpapers, Seven Heaven on Desktop !

Windows7 is the next operating system in Windows series to be launched in 2010 or later. We have already seen official Windows Seven blog and speculated screenshots of the OS in action. Checkout glitzy Windows7 wallpapers to

Windows7 Official Blog, E7 goes live

Microsoft has been hush - hush about Windows 7 and its development activities. It has neither denied or approved numerous Windows 7 screenshots appearing now and then. No more uncomfirmed reporting on Windows7 as Microsoft has launched official Windows 7 blog to get you information you

Windows Seven New Screenshots, looks very cool

Microsoft is in no mood to talk about finer details of  Windows 7, but does that stop trickle of Windows 7 information? No, here comes new set of Windows 7 screenshot. Looks like Windows 7 will outdo Windows Vista

Windows Vista Successor Windows7 revealed, really?

Microsoft dished out Windows XP successor as Windows Vista. Soon, Windows Vista will have successor in the form of Windows 7(also called Windows Vienna). These days online world is buzz with leaked images of Windows 7. Authencity of images cannot be confirmed, but you can surely check out,