Windows Seven New Screenshots, looks very cool


Microsoft is in no mood to talk about finer details of  Windows 7, but does that stop trickle of Windows 7 information? No, here comes new set of Windows 7 screenshot.

Looks like Windows 7 will outdo Windows Vista in looks department. Hope it does same in performance and usability. Here are more screenshots of Windows Vista successor – Windows 7.

Previously we had seen Windows 7 screenshots that looked more like Mac OS. Above screenshots were seen on CrunchGear and they confirm these are indeed screen shots of the current build of Windows 7, hope so!



  1. I hope it will look AND function like mac OS. One of the most intuitive OS’s out there. I wouldn’t mind if Microsoft copied and pasted everything from that OS…witout the apple of course.

  2. It’s almost like they want to look like a MAC. I wonder what Apple’s new OS will look like. Windows 3.1?

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