Official Windows 7 Themes, Wallpapers & Gadgets

After release of Windows 7 beta, Microsoft is all geared up to provide goodies to spice up your Windows7 experience. Previously, we have seen loads of un-official Window7 wallpapers. Checkout official Windows7 Themes, Wallpapers desktop backgrounds, desktop and slideshow gadgets. There

Get answers to Windows7 questions

Windows7 beta should be available for download beginning Jan 09. 2009 (or Jan 10, 2009 ?) and you might have lot of questions before installing this new operating system. Questions can range from compatibility of existing software, dual OS, installation process of Windows7. To be more

Windows7 Beta download links & installation

Window7 buzz is in the air, we have already seen 'vista to windows7 upgrade' details and cool official Windows7 videos. Here is the most important part of downloading and installing Windows7 on your computer. You can download Windows7 from Official Windows7 webpage on Microsoft website

Windows7 Whats New & Cool official Videos, checkout

Microsoft is all pumped for its new operating system 'Windows7'. You can download and test drive Windows7 beta after Jan 09, 2009 from Microsoft website. Official Window7 page on Microsoft website has loads of information about Window7 features and whats new. It has cool videos

Vista to Windows7 upgrade, free or not ?

All Windows Vista users looking for free Windows7 upgrade, here is good and bad news. Yes, Windows Vista users will be eligible for FREE Windows7 upgrade but only limited users. Here are few possible features of upcoming 'Vista to Windows7' upgrade process. Preinstalled Windows Vista

Relish Fab 5 Windows7 features in Vista / XP

Windows7 official release will still take sometime to mature. Incase you want to tryout new Windows7 features on your Windows Vista or XP computer, then following is for you. Checkout utilities and software to get Windows7  features in Vista / XP. 1. Aero Shake - Just shake any opened

Download Windows Media Player 12 for Vista

Windows Media Player is one cool way to play audio and video files on the computer. It comes bundled with Windows operating system. Windows Vista has Windows Media Player 11 installed by default. Windows Media Player 12 should come bundled with upcoming Microsoft operating system 'Windows

Official Windows7 Beta Wallpapers Pack

Windows7 beta was leaked on torrent network. Many downloaded and installed Windows7  to test out new baby from Microsoft. Official Windows7 Beta release should happen very soon in Jan 2009. Windows7 beta comes with fresh load of cool official wallpapers. There are over 40 colorful

Give Windows Media Player in Vista looks of Windows7

While upcoming Microsoft operating system Windows7 is still in beta stage adventure, utilities keep coming to get feel of Windows7 in Vista or XP. Here is another one, that allows you to change looks of Windows Media Player 11 in Vista to that of Windows Media Player 12 in

Window7 Beta on Microsoft website, Download when?

Microsoft is eager to drop curtains on much anticipated Windows7 operating system. Latest in addition is launch of Windows7 Beta page on Microsoft website. It gives introduction about Windows7 and links to official announcement blogs. There is no active download links as of now. It

26 Windows7 Wallpapers, Colorful visuals on desktop

We have seen loads of Windows7 wallpapers before [Set-I and Set-II] and here are more to add color to your desktop. These wallpapers are by Mheltin at DevianArt, taking inspiration from upcoming Microsoft operating system

Windows7 like Wordpad with Ribbon UI for XP & Vista

There is still time for Windows7 stable and official launch but curiosity is dishing out applications to relish probable Windows7 features in Windows XP and Vista. We have already seen cool 'Aero shake' feature of Windows7, which can be easily added to your Windows XP and Vista