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Windows7 beta should be available for download beginning Jan 09. 2009 (or Jan 10, 2009 ?) and you might have lot of questions before installing this new operating system. Questions can range from compatibility of existing software, dual OS, installation process of Windows7.

To be more specific this may include: Anyone know what the cost will be of Windows 7 so I can rid myself of the Vista Ultimate crap? – I have win XP now. Can I download Windows 7, then later install once I have installed Vista? – If I have multiple harddrives on a computer, can I have W7 and Vista installed at the same time?

If you got similar questions from basic to advanced, head over to Live Window7 Q&A. It is a community of Window users asking and answering questions regarding Windows7. If you are looking for something similar for Windows Vista, then checkout Vista Anwers.



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