Get answer to PHP, Apache, HTML, SQL, Java questions

Being a programmer or coder is a daily grind to learn new and more about specific language. We are always lookout for magic pieces of code to implement cool functionality in our projects. Best way to practise art of better coding is interacting with community of similar language

Track people swearing on Twitter [Fword & more]

Twitter is all about expressing and some of us go over-board while doing so. End result is little bit of swearing as we put our point forward in loads of tweets on Twitter. Cursebird is a cool web app that tracks not so cool curse words being used on Twitter. Homepage show bar graph

Get answers to General Knowledge questions in Gtalk

Google Talk is an cool application to stay connected with Gtalk friends. We have already seen 5 spicy cool ways to do more in Gtalk beyond the simple chat routine. Here is another one for getting quick answers to any General knowledge questions in Google Talk using WebtoIM bot. Just

Get answers to Windows7 questions

Windows7 beta should be available for download beginning Jan 09. 2009 (or Jan 10, 2009 ?) and you might have lot of questions before installing this new operating system. Questions can range from compatibility of existing software, dual OS, installation process of Windows7. To be more